We understand the value of supplying high quality anti-ageing products that deliver what they promise and their effectiveness for managing the skin's ageing process in a safe and natural way.

Kglow's Skincare products are all specially formulated and made in Singapore with GMP certification.

All our skincare products are registered with the HSA (Health Science Authority of Singapore). Kglow is against animal testing and our products are strictly not tested on animals.

  • Made in Singapore
  • Formulated for Singapore Weather (Humidity)
  • Formulated to work with Kglow Skinlab Aesthetic Treatments
  • GMP certified
  • Registered with HSA (Singapore)
  • Against Animal Testing

All Day Hydra Bright Moisturising Cream 30ml
Moisturizing & Hydrating for Dry / Dehydrated Skin

A 24 hour light textured cream to saturate all skin types with moistures in multiple layers and smoothes out dryness lines.

  • Replenish thirty skin and optimise moisture levels
  • Restore vitality by boosting suppleness and elasticity
  • Help to ward off signs of aging and build resilience against external agrgressors
  • Synergistic blend of Sodium hyaluronate, botanical extracts and peptides replenish thirsty skin instantly replenish moisture and keeps your skin smooth and supple
  • Nourishing nutrients, imperata cylindrica root extracts, give skin a more radiant, healthy, and, yes, youthful glow
  • Cetraria islandica extract helps provide soothing and moisturizing effect
  • Blended with super mild ingredients to be equally safe and suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES especially targeted towards DRIED / DEHYDRATED SKIN

Hydra Bright BB Cream 30ml
Brightening & Repairing for Dull Skin/Hyper-pigmented Skin

65% of this BB cream consists of beauty essence. It not only conceals worrisome black spots, dullness, enlarged pores, make skin brighter, firmer and more transparent.

  • Enrich skin, restore skin firm elasticity
  • High concentrated Albutin and Complex peptides improves dark & somber skin and reduce the redness, skin discoloration giving a whitening effect
  • Super antioxidant give skin a rich nutrition to strengthen the skin barrier for healthy skin
  • Boost clarity & diminish age spots

Bright Radiance Rejuvenation Eye Serum 15ml
Tired looking eyes

An anti-wrinkle remedy in luxurious composition to provide intensive moisture and prevents the first signs of aging, such as dryness line.

  • Specially formulated to enhance the eye contoursm re-igniting its youthful vitality and resilience
  • Cell booster, duo-peptide complex and eyenergy synergise to tauten the eye contours, soften the appearance of fine line, improves eye puffiness and brighten discolouration
  • Disguise imperfections and signs of aging around the eyes
  • Reduce puffiness; improve mircrocirculation; strengthen conjunctive tissue; prevent wrinkles and loose skin