Kglow Sparkles Collection

Sparkles Collection is a selection of our finest quality loose lab created diamonds, available in grades never seen until now.

Verified by IGI grading, these lab-created diamonds are available up to IF (Internally Flawless) in clarity, D in color, Excellent in cut, and 3ct in size!

And as Type IIa diamonds, only 2% of mined diamonds will ever achieve the same level of perfection as each and every one of our lab-created diamonds.

Plus, each and every Sparkles lab-created diamond is guaranteed conflict-free and available at up to 30% less than a comparable earth-mined diamond.

The Sparkles Collection is the best-of-the-best, so please secure your diamond today before it sells.


~ Leaves a Sparkles wherever you go~

Beautiful girl with evening makeup and  large earrings jewelry .

Sparkles diamonds by Kglow are perfect for customers who seek a truly beautiful, environmentally and socially responsible diamond of the highest quality, purity and rarity.

There are many reasons to consider a lab-grown diamond as an alternative to mined diamonds.