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For incredible facial treatments I highly recommend KGlow. In a peaceful, elegant and relaxing environment there is no better way than to indulge yourself with their outstanding service and experience. You will be truly satisfied.

Keagan Kang


I enjoyed the facial treatments in KGlow recently and it was such a fantastic experience. The ambience is so smoothing and the therapist is very professional keeping me posted on the difference activites during the treatments. I would highly recommend KGlow to my friends.

Raymond Kwok

Managing Director, Kwok Group

A friend recommended me to Kglow and I have never need to look elsewhere since. Immaculate premises offering a good range of treatments at reasonable prices. Unlike most beauty spa, they are never pushy or over bearing. As a professional woman, whose grooming is essential to my career, I consider myself very fortunate to have found such a reliable and professional treatments. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kglow to anyone.

Gracemaple Kwok

Executive Director, GTDollar

The La Feminite care treatment at Kglow SkinLab is amazing. After the first treatment, my irregular period arrived with no signs of PMS symptoms. The flow was smooth and my body felt healthier, fresh and complexion improved. The holistic massage is very relaxing while the hot stones added into the treatment was an added soothing therapy. Experience was very therapeutic. Highly recommended to all women who cares for their wellness especially those with hormones imbalance.

Miss Meredith Tan

SQ Air Stewardess

I was definitely impressed by Kglow SkinLab's facial treatments. My dull looking facial skin was transformed looking even brighter, smoother and more radiant after the treatments. Highly recommend Kglow SkinLab to my friends.

Ms Charlene


Everything's superb about this facial treatment. Enjoyed it thoroughly and truly relaxing (I fell asleep at some point). Would recommend if you need a relief from your day-to-day stress!

Ms Keegan Teo

Tried the ultralift facial and see instant lifting results! Good ambience and client centric. A great experience and thank you so much, Jolin for taking care of my skin! I will be back! :)

Ms Lena Chang

Jolin was extraordinary!! Very relaxing experience and the staff took care of me very well and secondly i can tell that they use high quality facial Products and equipment. See u soon shall be coming back...

Miss Renee

Service was good and no hard sell! Highly recommended :)

Ms Sylvia

After my treatments at Kglow, my skin texture has improved tremendously. Spots are lighter and my pores seem to have disappeared. I look forward to every treatment because I can simply relax and enjoy. Every woman needs a reliable and effective treatment and I trust Kglow to see to all my beauty needs.

Margaret Teo


I feel that my face is much smoother! Feels really good...

Moses Gay

Assistant Conductor of Singapore Chinese Orchestra

I have been going to Kglow for 6 years. I find the service excellent, the environment comfortable and very reasonable pricing.

Jonathan Kuah

Senior VP, YTL Starhill Global REIT Management

Having a facial at Kglow SkinLab is a treat. The use of high quality facial products ensure the time spent there was well worth. Plus the professional, personalize and exceptional service together with luxurious ambience make one wanting to return all the time.

Mr. Anthony Wong

CEO, The Creative Eateries Group

I suffer very bad hormone imbalance for years. Was introduced to feminite care at Kglow SkinLab and it was the best solution for my mood swings and low sex drive. The treatment is now my weekly routine.

Mdm Sarin Goh


I was told the ovarian hormone rebalance treatment is very effective in improving irregular menstrual cycle and regulate reproductive system. After a very therapeautic session at Kglow SkinLab, I am more convinced of it as my period came shortly after the treatment. The therapist is trained and the luxurious cosy ambience definitely is worth the price paid. The BEST I experience in so many salons I have visited. No hard selling at all making me feel more satisfied in returning soon. Thanks Kglow!

Ms. Clare F.


Never done nor any inclination to do any work on my face even a simple facial in the past. However a good friend of mine has convinced me otherwise to get started and I took the leap today - its actually an award winning non invasive face lift radio frequency treatment called "Kglow Dermalift treatment" by Kglow. I felt good after and ready for the next session! Thanks for taking care of me Kglow. Look forward to sseeing the outcome after a few session.

Ms. Cheryl Talam Hansen

M.D., C.T. Hansen International Pte Ltd


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